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Simbiont | How else?!

What is Simbiont™?
Simbiont facilitates the solution for your complete data infrastructure and information production cycle. Simbiont can be connected to all your source systems seamlessly and without the slightest risk. During data extraction, the intelligent data quality process ensures information reliability. This results in an integrated, transparent data environment, the baseline for your information needs. Simbiont allows you to carry out simulations and analyses that go far beyond conventional BI solutions.

Determining sources
Simbiont retrieves the necessary data from various, unlimited source systems. These could be systems for administration, purchasing, sales, inventory, production planning and control, human resources planning and administration, transport and logistics, or other operational solutions.

Integrating the data
Source systems are diverse, coming from different suppliers. To ensure the data being retrieved is nevertheless reliable, Simbiont integrates all data. Within this process Simbiont checks various aspects such as reliability, availability and exchangeability. The validated data are brought together (which is called data integration) automatically. These characteristics ultimately determine the quality of your data and whether this data can provide reliable reporting, score-carding and KPI facilities.

Storing data
After the collecting and data quality process, Simbiont formats and stores the data, ready to be displayed through the unique ProActive cubing reporting environment.

Various representation and reporting methods
To present the data warehouse information in the required manner, various representation and reporting methods are applicable. Results can be printed, sent by e-mail, placed on websites or accessed on a PDA or mobile phone.