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BPO | Business Process Optimisation

What is BPO?
Business Process Optimisation (BPO) allows Redline to offer an integrated and highly innovative approach to both consultancy and software, thus helping your organisation excel. BPO supports your strategy-making process and enables you to see the possibilities (chances) and restrictions (threats) for the fact that optimising your business processes is the best way to maximise corporate results!

Using BPO provides you with the means to assess, document, simulate and monitor company-critical events such as:

  • Trend analysis;
  • Forecasting;
  • KPI Monitoring;
  • Budgeting Exercises;
  • Running 'What if?' Scenarios;
  • Pipeline Visibility Studies.

Why BPO?
BPO helps you to develop a clear focus and vision on corporate strategy issues. By taking specific markets and their development patterns into account, you can measure both performance and the impact on your own business processes taking appropriate actions whenever necessary.

The four most important business drivers:

1. Ongoing globalization is creating new economic regions and increasing competition; furthermore, the number of mergers and strategic alliances are increasing, and this creates both opportunities and threats. This calls for better and more up-to-date information on the market situation;

2. Innovative solutions in line with today's business logic form the foundation for supporting your decision making processes. While this creates opportunities, it becomes increasingly hard to keep up with these new developments and still achieve the necessary Return On Investment;

3. As a result, information overload blurs managerial focus. This calls for a dedicated and well planned Business Intelligence approach!

4. Flexibility is becoming increasingly important in the present economic situation. It is crucial to be able to react quickly and adequately to both opportunities and threats.

Recognizing the necessity of BI is evident; asking the right questions is the solution, but how?

Simbiont | How else?!
By introducing Simbiont Getting Started, Redline enables companies to tighten their grip on business processes. Within just two weeks you can start monitoring critical business processes and align them with your company objectives.

Simbiont Getting Started brings you:

  • Redline’s market-specific knowledge and experience;
  • A complete Business Intelligence platform;
  • One management dashboard or five tailor-made reports;
  • Inclusion of all required data-extraction (ETL) procedures;
  • State-Of-The-Art Data quality and data-enrichment procedures.

Simbiont covers all this and much more in one fully integrated environment, which is offered to you at a very favourable price. Within just two weeks you can be up and running, securing your company objectives.

Interested in the Simbiont? Please contact us or visit us during one of the following trade fairs.