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Software Development

RedLine aims for the consultancy and production of high quality business solutions for corporations and organisations on local and/or global scale with a focus on supporting critical business processes, data-migration, data-quality improvement and business intelligence.

Java offers unlimited possibilities to develop, extend and maintain highly powerful platform independent (web-based) applications. Our JAVA applications, combined with powerful database environments such as: 

  • Oracle;
  • TeraData;
  • Microsoft SQL Server;
  • MySQL;
  • PostgreSQL;

and reliable application servers, i.e. BEA WebLogic, IIS and Apache TomCat, guarantee the highest quality solutions to our customers.

“Turn-key” projects
A flawless functional and technical design is critical for any software solution. The RedLine specialists are available at all times to assist you within the process. From the feasibility stage all the way to the final deployment and maintenance, it is RedLine you may rely on to effectively “turn your key!”

Cargonaut Schiphol Airport (NL)

"The co-operation with Redline enables us to offer our clients a wide range of web based products to support their logistic processes. Their knowledge of new technologies and their  input in our search for solutions is the basis of our relationship over the past years and in the future."

Lex Werkhoven, Director Commercial Affairs

Download reference case Cargonaut